IQAC - Internal Q A Cell

E- Mail :               Mob. 8304079505

AQARs           SSR 2018

NAAC   PEER TEAM VISIT 17-18, September, 2018-Vedio

Minitues of IQAC Meetings                    Annuual  Action Plan and Achievements

             2012-13                                                                                        2012-13

             2013-14                                                                                        2013-14

             2014-15                                                                                        2014-15

             2015-16                                                                                        2015-16

             2016-17                                                                                        2016-17

Members of IQAC  

  1. Dr. Beena Rani B. R, Chairperson (Mob.9895942114)
  2. Dr. K. Prasanna, Prof. of  Economics and Principal Retd. (External Expert) 
  3. Dr N Shaji, Prof. of Physics and Principal Retd. (External Expert)  
  4. Dr. Roy Scaria (Coordinator)  
  5. Dr. Shima Mathew, Department of English  (Secretary)
  6. Sri. Baburaj T.S, Department of political Science
  7. Sri. Tojomon Mathew, Department of  Physics    
  8.  Dr. Gisha George, Department of Chemistry 
  9. Smt. Sumalatha S, Department of Commerce 
  10. Dr. Raji R, Department of Hindi 
  11. Dr. Asha Pullat, Department of Malayalam
  12. Aswathi Chandran, M.Sc Chemistry (Student Representative)  
  13. Chistin Abraham Tom,  M.Com (Student Representative)
The IQAC plays a crucial role in formulating policies and strategies for the overall quality enhancement of the institution within the purview of the Rules and Regulations of the Government of Kerala and Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam.  The Cell is convened frequently to discuss the strategies, evaluate the performance and monitor the functioning of the College for the overall quality betterment.
Major Activities
          In pursuance of quality enhancement, the IQAC:  
  1. Prepares academic calendar and internal evaluation calendar based on the year plan.
  2. Monitoring whether the curriculum delivery and evaluation process is in tune with the plan envisaged.
  3. Ensures that internal evaluation scores are assigned fairly and transparently within the time stipulated and get it published well in advance with enough room for redressing student grievances.
  4. Promotes and arranges Class PTA Meetings with students to discuss student performance based internal evaluation results and to plan and design strategies for further improvement.
  5. Promotes and encourages novel teaching-learning methods equipped with the ICT.
  6. Monitoring Remedial Coaching to the SC/ST and other eligible and weaker sections of students.
  7. Collects student feedback about the performance of faculty based on objectively defined criteria and makes recommendations for possible improvement once in each semester.   
  8. Constant and continuous encouragement and persuasion to faculty to avail the grant for Minor and Major Research projects from various funding agencies.
  9. Takes initiatives for installing modern infrastructure facilities and teaching learning aids including laptops, desktops,  smart class rooms, public addressing system etc.
  10. Monitoring the tutorial and mentoring systems.
  11.  Convening periodic meetings of the Department Heads for discussing the ways and means for quality sustenance and enhancement in their departments.
  12.  Publishing newsletters, ‘events archives’, Annual Quality Assurance Reports (AQARs)
  13. Managing the College website
  14. Monitors the feedback system 
  15. Giving directions to the faculty members for delivering lectures in vernacular language for slow learners. 


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