Programme Officers

Dr. Roji J Kunnath Dr. Babitha Mathews 

Volunteer Secretaries

1.      Akshay Raj, 3rd Semester B.Com

2.      Akhil T Raj,  3rd Semester B.A Economics

3.      Aswini Krishna, 3rd Semester B.Sc Physics

4.      Aiswarya T.K, 1st Semester B.A English 

About NSS

The college has two NSS units with a sanctioned strength of 200 students.   The membership is open for both boys and girls.  The volunteers are expected to work for the unit for a minimum of 120 days a year.


The volunteers are awarded grace marks in the university examinations and they can avail weightage marks for admissions to other Programmes. 

                                        The activity of the College’s NSS unit (unit no 16) of T M Jacob Memorial Govt College has started with the registration of new students. With 108 newly registered volunteers from the first and second year UG classes the strength of NSS unit becomes 200 in the academic year 2013-14.
                                                  Programme officer Mr. Tojo Jose gave an introduction to the motto, aims and opportunities offered by NSS to the students.After that there was a Seminar headed by Sri Manu Raveendran, Guest Lecturer , Dept of Mathematics , TMJM Govt college on the topic ‘Misuse of social network media’ gave an idea about the ways of misusing mass media , cyber crimes and their punishments etc.
          On 24th September NSS day was celebrated by the unit. 96 volunteers were participated in the function. Principal and programme officers in their messages stressed to remember the words and deeds of our Rashtrapitha Mahatma Gandhi being an NSS volunteer. The senior volunteers shared their experiences and their own changes felt by them  after being a volunteer to NSS. A slide show revealing NSS activities of our college and in general about NSS was arranged to show the spirit of NSS to volunteers. In the afternoon session there was a seminar handled by Sri Satheesh S, Lecturer in Electronics , D.B College, Keezhoor which can imbibe the true spirit of NSS to volunteers. The true spirit of NSS and its aim could be transferred to the volunteers through the interactive speech, songs and activities. All are really motivated and take a pledge to commit their service to nation.

The Mini Camp


                                        The mini camp was scheduled from 29 November to 1st of December 2013. The main aim of the camp was to organize the participants especially the new volunteers into the life culture of NSS. To realize this, the camp was structured to improve the personality development of the volunteers on the one hand and to enhance the work culture of the volunteers on the other. The mini camp was held at the college from the FN of 29.11.13 extending three days. Camp started at 10 a.m with registration of members. 89 volunteers were registered in the camp. Campus cleaning, beautification, construction of waste disposal management unit and recreation of herbal garden were done as a part of the activities of camp. The camp ended on the afternoon of 01.12.13.
Seven day Special Camp held at Govt H.S .Aroor
                                        NSS unit of the college has organized seven day camp comprising 70 volunteers at Govt H S Aroor, from 20th December 2013 to 26th December 2013. Activities included: herbal garden renovation, construction of organic fence, construction of waste removal and management unit and a plantation recreation.
                                                  Cultural programmes were conducted and a camp closing ceremony was organized with the participation of the office bearers of the local bodies. The School PTA also made their sincere efforts to make the closing ceremony a meaningful one.
Other activities
                                        GandhiJayanthi was celebrated by volunteers on 2nd October 2013.Our volunteers were sent to two three day camps held at K.E.College ,Mannanam commences on 27.09.2013-29.09.2013 & 23.01.2014 -25.01.2014and a one day camp held at Nirmala college , Muvattupuzha on 10.01.2014 during this academic year. Our seven day camp was held at Govt High School ,Aroor during Christmas vacation.
                                                  The end of the activities of our NSS unit in the current academic year was with the celebration of ‘vanavathkaranadinam’ on 15.03.2014. A seminar regarding the topic was handled by Sri Santhosh Kumar, Dept. of Sociology, Research Scholar, University Campus, Karyavattom. Gifts and certificates were distributed among volunteers for their best performances and participation to NSS seven day camp activities.



REPORT 2012-13

A brief account of the activities conducted by the NSS units in the college for the service of the society in general and student community in particular are listed below.

NSS day was celebrated on 24th September 2012 and an Orientation Programme was arranged for the fresh volunteers.    

Gandhi Jayanthi was celebrated by cleaning the premises of the college on 2nd October 2012.

A programme on Organ- Donation Awareness was conducted in association with ‘ManavKarunya Yatra’. Sixty teachers and students volunteered for organ donation and the consent letters were handed over to Sri. Paulson Peter, the club president of Y’s Men International.

A Mini Camp was convened on 14th, 15th, and 16th of December 2012. The volunteers did beautification work in the college.

A Special 7 day Camp was organised at Govt. High School, Palakuzha, from 21st to 27th December 2012. The major endeavour of the camp was to reconstruct the ‘Smashanam Road’, a road passing by a public cremation place, in the Palakuzha Gramapanchayath. Our volunteers completed the work within the stipulated time. The camp was enriched by lectures of eminent experts on ‘Health and Hygiene’, ‘Personality Development’, ‘Power of Positive Thinking’, ‘Environmental Protection’ etc.  On the last day, a trip was arranged to Kurisumala at Wagamon, a hill station in Idukki.

6.      A one  Day Blood Donation Camp was organised in the college premises under the auspices of IMA, Ernakulam on 14th March 2013.

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