1. Application for TC and conduct certificate-Download

2. Application for refund of caution deposit-Download

3. Application for Casual Leave (CL)-Download

4. Application for Cammuted Leave/Surrender of Earned Leave-Download

5. Application for ON DUTY LEAVE for Examination PDF

6. Application for ONDUTY Leave-Non Examination PDF

5. Application for ON DUTY LEAVE for Examination MS WORD

6. Application for ONDUTY Leave-Non Examination MS WORD

7. Form for Remitting Professional Tax -Download

8. Application for Examinations-

9 Form - Treasury Pay-in-slip  PDF

10. Form TR 59 (c) Editable PDF

11. GPF Forms 


          GPF- Form for Nomination
              GPF – Form for Admission 
12. Gazetted Entitlement Related Forms

    Gazetted Entitlement – Report of Transfer of Charges (RTC)

    Gazetted Entitlement – Nomination for DCRG

           Gazetted Entitlement – Nomination for DCRG (having no family)

           Gazetted Entitlement    - Option on Promotion

           Medical Certificate Form

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