Professional Code

Teachers are expected to follow the Code of Professional Conduct  to discharge their duties and responsibilities  in an ethical and dignified manner. The rules and regulations of University Grants Commission, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam and Service Rules of Government of Kerala are binding in this regard. The under-listed points are highlighted.

 I. Responsibility and Accountability

 1. Teachers should handle the subjects assigned by the Head of the Department.

2. Teachers should not only complete the syllabus in time, but shall also  produce good results with collective responsibility.

 3. Tutorship  system must be effectively implemented.

 4. Topics  of  assignment must be given to students well in advance.

5. Answer books of  CIA are to be valued and marks are to be informed to the students.

6. Teachers should be good counselors and facilitators.

7. Teachers should maintain decorum both inside and outside the classroom and set a good example to the students.

 8. Teachers should carry out other academic, co-curricular, administrative and organizational activities that may be assigned to them from time to time.

II. Punctuality and Attendance

1. Teachers must report in time to duty as per the working hours prescribed and should be available in the campus unless and otherwise they are assigned duties elsewhere.

2. Prior written permission should be obtained for reporting late in the morning or leaving early in the evening without detriment to their duties.

 3. Teachers should sign the attendance register while reporting for duty.

4.Teachers should remain in the campus till the end of the College hours.

III. Leave

1. Prior written permission is required from the Principal / at least a day in advance while availing OD.

2. Not more than 25% of staff members in a Department will be allowed to go on OD on a particular day.

3. 15 days of causal leave can be availed in a calendar year.

4. Causal leave can be combined with other holidays. However the total period of continuous absence from duty should not exceed fifteen days.

5. Study leave for higher studies will be granted at the discretion of Government.

IV. Publication of Research Papers & Books and Participation in Research Projects, Seminars, Conferences etc.

1. Staff members are encouraged to write textbooks, publish articles in reputed Journals and present papers in Seminars and Conferences.

2. Staff members are encouraged to take up Research projects.

 3. Staff members should also attend Faculty Development Programmes, Quality Improvement Programmes, etc. to update their knowledge.

 4. Staff members are encouraged to undergo Practical Training in Industry and can take consultancy work as part of Industry – Institute interaction.

V. General Rules

1. No teacher should involve himself/ herself in any act of moral turpitude on his / her part which may bring discredit to the institution.

 2. Teachers should attend the college neatly dressed.

 3. Teachers are barred from using cell phones while taking classes.

 4. Heads of Departments must keep the Department’s time table and individual teacher’s time tables.

5. Teachers are encouraged to conduct research on their topic of interest. The college will provide necessary infrastructure for the same.


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