Courses on Human Values and Professional Ethics
The college has an established mechanism for sensitizing its staff and students on issues relating to gender, inclusion, environment etc. We have taken all efforts and initiatives to integrate cross-cutting issues relevant to Gender, Environment and Sustainability, Human Values and Professional Ethics into the Curriculum. Initiatives of the college in this regard are listed below.
(1)    Environmental Economics- Core course for 5th Semester B A Economics.
(2)    Environment and Human Rights – Core course for 5th Semester B.Com.
(3)  Environmental Physics and Human Rights- Core course for5th Semester BSc Physics.
(4)  Environmental Studies and Human Rights - Core course for5th Semester BSc Chemistry.

(5)  Environmental Science and Human Rights - Core course for5th Semester BA Communicative English.

(6)     ‘ParisthithiVinjanavum Manushyavakasa Padanavum’ (Environmental Knowledge and Human Right studies) Core course for5th Semester BA Malayalam.
(7)     Two common courses of the curriculum offered in the second and third semesters of all UG Courses address issues related to gender, environment and sustainability, human values and professional ethics.
(8)     Musings on Vital Issues, the common course text for all second semester BA/BSc/B Com students provide an overall awareness about relevant societal and global issues through a critical reading of appropriate literary pieces. It helps to inspire students to think critically about vital social issues that confront the contemporary world. Through this course, the students are expected to understand and evaluate issues that are of vital importance in today’s world and they acquire the ability to respond empathetically to social issues.
(9)     Understanding India: Reflections on Indian Polity, Secularism and Sustainable Environment, the common course text for all UG third semester students tries to impart Gandhian values and to make the students positively respond to the concepts of secularism, democracy and love of nature. The course objective is to enable the students to grow into responsible citizens taking pride in the secular and democratic traditions of the country. It also tries to inculcate a cosmopolitan outlook in the students and to equip them to fight against the divisive forces in the society. The historical as well as political evolution of the nation generates respect and love for their proud heritage. As the text is taught in all undergraduate classes, the Gandhian ideals get imparted to all students, irrespective of their courses and differences. Focusing on the native issues, the text makes the learner capable of maintaining a global perspective through its wide spectrum of themes and ideals. The course also aims to make the students aware of the consequences of mindless exploitation of nature. The ideal of sustainable environment is rooted into each student through the wise incorporation of a whole module on the relevance of preserving nature in the text Understanding India: Reflections on Indian Polity, Secularism and Sustainable EnvironmentThe text makes a comprehensive evaluation of the various views and attitudes and offers a vast arena of innovative thoughts and practices, basing cleverly on the national spirit and accustoming the learner with his/her familiar issues. Writings of different authors such as A. K Ramanujan, Ramachandra Guha and Elizabeth Bishop help to improve the brain-span of the learner and to awake him/her to the universal appeal of the current issues. The learning process will remain incomplete if we ignore the human side of it. So each text included in the common course supports the human cause.
(10)The ethical and moral roots are touched upon through the Evolution of the Philosophy of Science, the prescribed common course text for the fourth semester undergraduate course. The students get introduced into the origin and initial stages of the development of philosophy and they are induced to think logically. They get trained to think ideas out of the box and this helps them to familiarize themselves with the emerging ideals such as human values and professional ethics.
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