Course Outcomes-M.Com
1.     To attain Eligibility for Joining Research
2.     To attain Eligibility for applying examinations like SET, NET etc.
3.     To attain Eligibility for joining professional courses in Teaching.
4.     For Joining professional courses like CA/ICWA/MSW etc.
5.     To attain eligibility for applying KPSC, UPSC and other recruitment board examinations for which post graduation is the basic qualification
                                                            SEMESTER 1
Core Course 1: Advanced Financial Accounting-1                                  
· To know the methods of valuation of goodwill and share
· To acquaint with the amalgamation and reconstruction procedures of companies
· To learn the proceedings of insolvency of an individual and international reporting standards.
Core Course 2: Principles of Management and Organisational Behaviour
· To help the students to understand the conceptual frame work of management and organizational behaviour
· To understand the managerial applicability of the concepts.
Core Course 3: Financial Management Principles
· To introduce the subject of financial management
· To acquaint the student with various methods and techniques of financial management
Core Course 4: Research Methodology
· To help the students to understand how to do research in the area of commerce and management
Core Course 5: Quantitative Techniques
· To understand statistical tools for quantitative analysis
· To understand the statistical tools for research and business decision making
Core Course 6: Advanced Financial Accounting-11
· To understand the proceedings of the preparation of consolidated balance sheet
· To get an idea about Green accounting, Double accounts, Farm accounts, voyage accounts, and liquidation proceedings of companies.                                
Core Course 7: Human Resource Management
· To help the students to understand the human resource functions in anorganization.
Core Course 8: Financial Management Strategies
· To acquaint students with the advanced concept of financial management and to develop financial strategies for the organization
Core Course 9: Strategic Management
· To understand the frame work across strategic analysis, strategy formulation, and strategic implementation
Core Course 10: Operations Research
· To enable the students to understand various techniques used in operation management decisions.
Core Course 11: Management Accounting
· To understand accounting methods and techniques used for decision making.                                      
Core Course 12: Direct Taxes- Law and Practice
· To make the students familiar with the direct tax law of the country and to give advanced level of knowledge on direct tax laws and computation and assessment
Core Course 13: International Business
· To understand different aspects of international business.
Core Course 14: Corporate Governance
· To understand the importance of corporate governance
Core Course 15: Business Environment
· To understand the impact of environment in business
SEMESTER 1V (Elective –Finance)
Core Course 15: Advanced Cost Accounting
· To learn about the higher application of cost accounting techniques and methods.
· To know the application of cost control techniques.
Core Course 15: Direct Taxes- Assessment and Procedures
· To make the students familiar with the assessment and procedures of direct taxes in the country.
Elective Course
Elective course 1: International Finance
· To give a detailed idea about macro environment on which financial transactions are carried out.
· To give a comprehensive knowledge about ways and means of raising of finance by MNCs’.
Elective course 2: Financial Markets and Derivatives
· To make the students familiar with the financial system of the country in general and capital market operations in particular. The course also intends to give good understanding of commodity trading through multi commodity exchanges.
Elective course 3: Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
· To give a detailed idea about techniques of Security analysis
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