IQAC Action Plan and Achievements -2013-14

The plan of action chalked out by the IQAC in the beggining of the year towards quality enhancement and the outcomes achieved by by end of the Year.

Sl. No.

Plan of Action

1 Improve the academic output of the college.  University examination result improved
2 To give special attention and councelling to needy students.  Tutorship and mentoring system improved
3 To increase the number of placements  Organised various placement drives
4 To take effective steps towards creating environmental awareness among students  Conducted writing competitions, debates etc on these issues. 
5 To strengthen the activities of various clubs and associations.  Various clubs and associations organised different programmes. 
6 To enhance the communication skills of the students.  Conducted add on course in English.
7 To improve social and scientific awareness among students

NSS 7 Day Camp

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