The Department of Chemistry started functioning in 1981 itself.  At first it was only a Pre -Degree department. Later, in 1999 the undergraduate course, B.Sc Agro-Chemistry, was started. Later in 2004, the programme was renamed as 'Industrial Chemistry'.The Department was again upgraded by offering Postgraduate Course in Pharmaceutical Chemistry in 2004. In 2018, the Department was upgraded as a Research Department. Almost 400 students have passed out successfully from the department so far and it is highly gratifying and remarkable that most of them became employed in various capacities within and outside Kerala.

Courses Offered

Name of Programme Stream Intake
1 U.G B.Sc. Chemistry CBCSS- Model -2
Industrial Chemistry
Choice Based Course 1. Polymer Chemistry
Complementary Course 1. Mathematics
Open Course 1. Chemistry in Everyday Life
Name of Programme Stream Intake
1 P.G M. Sc. Pharmaceutical
CSS - Br. V.B Pharmaceutical Chemistry 12


Syllabus- B.Sc: 2009 onward              B.Sc: 2017 onward    

                 M.Sc: 2012 onward


Sl. No. Name Designation Profile
1 Smt. Sheela Gopal M Assistant Professor and Head Profile
2 Dr. Surendran Parampadath Assistant Professor Profile
3 Smt. Bijimol D Assistant Professor Profile
4 Dr. Gisha George Assistant Professor Profile
5 Smt. Linta Mary Jose Assistant Professor Profile
6 Sri. Jofrin J. Assistant Professor Profile
7 Dr. Roji J Kunnath Assistant Professor Profile
8 Ms. Saranya T.V Assistant Professor  Profile
9 Dr Derry Holaday FDP Substitute profile
  Ms. Rosmin Peter Guest Lecturer Profile


Outreach Programmes /Extension Activities /Consultancy


Compounds of p- block elements


Industrially Important Materials




Presentation GC

Presentation HPLC


Free Access Journals (Chemistry)


Model Question Papers



Sem-1:  Complementary

Sem-1: Vocational Course


Sem-2: Theoretical Chemistry

Sem-3: Vocational Course (1)

Sem-5: Organic Chemistry




CSIR NET Model Question Papers


Programme Outcomes

 Programme Specific Outcomes

 Course Outcomes     B.Sc             M.Sc

 Assessment and Evaluation Methods


Examination Result of Final Year Students-M.Sc Chemistry
Year & Month Number of Students Appeared

Distinction  %

 First Division % Second Division %   Third Division %  Pass %
 2013 March  14  0 86   0  0  86
 2014 March  13  0  62  16  0  77
 2015 March  12  75  0  75
 2016 March  12  0  67  0  67
 2017 March            


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