Smt. Bindu. G. Nair







 Name                                                       : BINDU G NAIR

Designation                                             : Assistant Professor of Physics

Educational Qualifications                    : M Sc (Physics), B. Ed (Physical Science),NET.


Papers/Articles Published in Journals/Books with ISSN/ISBN Numbers.

1. Highly conductive in and p-type CuInO this films by reactive     evaporative-S .A Mary, Bindu G. Nair, Johns waduvath G.S.Okram, Stephen k. Remillard, P.V Sreenivasan, Rachul  R. Philip.-Journal of Alloys and Compounds,600(2014)159-161. View Abstract

2 . Low temperature termo power and electrical conductivity in highly conductive CuIn02This films-by-Bindu G .Nair, G.S. Okram, Johns Naduvath, T. Shripathy, Anis Fatima, Taruchand patel, Rejani Jacob, k Keerthi, S.K Remillard and Rachul R Philip-Journal of Material chemistry C-DOI:10.1039/C4tc01208a. View Abstract.


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