The Department of Economics of the college has been playing a notable and leading role in providing economics education in the rural areas covering Koothattukulam, Thirumaradi, Pampakkuda, Ramamangalam Piravom and Kunnathunadu Grama Panchayats. Initially Economics was offered as a subject for the Pre Degree Course in Humanities under the Kerala University. In 1991, the department was upgraded as an Undergraduate Department offering B.A Degree Programme in Economics. The department is committed to serve the society at various levels by offering its services in disseminating and publicizing the most recent economic developments in India and elsewhere in the world and promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

         The Department has a strong bearing in the corporate life of the Institution as the faculty members are contributing to the general administration of the college and running various clubs and programmes

 Courses Offered

Name of Programme
1 UG B A Economics CBCSS Model 1 40
Choice Based Courses 1. Econometrics
Complimentary Courses 1. History
2. Political Science
Open Course 1. Fundamental Economics

Syllabus -  2009-10 on ward       2011 onward        2017 onward


Sl.No Name Designation Profile
1 Dr. Tojo Jose Asst. Professor and Head Profile
2 Dr. Roy Scaria Asst. Professor Profile
3 Ms Beena Mol N. R  Assit. Professor Profile 

N.B Our Department is a Research Centre (category B) of Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore. For more details  Click Here

Outreach Programmes /Extension Activities
1. Our Faculty, Dr. Tojo Jose has been maintaining a website for propagating the knowledge about latest developments in the Indian Economy-

 2. Our faculty, Dr. Tojo Jose has been maintaining  a Learning Management System and Courseware on the broad area of Indian Economy.

3. Promoting unique sustainable agricultural practices under the programme ‘Surabhi’.


 Multiple Choice questions   -

1.  Microeconomics,             2. Statistics for Economics,                        

3. UGC - NET -Model Questions -Statistics for Economics

Discussion material

NET Examination -Statistics for Economics

Books Published

Rethinking Macroeconomic Policy in India

Programme Outcomes

Programme Specific Outcomes

Course Outcomes 

Assessment and Evaluation Methods


Examination Result of Final Year Students- BA Economics
Year & Month Number of students apperared Distinction % First Division % Second Division % Third Division % Pass %
2013 March  38  0  8  32  0  40
2014 March  37  0  11  52  0  63
2015 March  32  0  9  44  0  53
2016 March  33  0  3  9  0  12
2017 March            


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